What We Do

ecoism is committed to helping companies and destinations succeed in a highly competitive, evolving market.bainbridge01

By integrating a more socially and environmentally responsible approach to travel marketing and destination development our clients gain advantages over competitors who have yet to recognize the value in the long-term approach to marketing.
We guide strategy, messaging, product development, CSR, and community development programs for an array of adventure travel companies, destinations, and global corporations.

We produce high quality work that is in line with brand and organizational goals, and resonates with an increasingly informed market.

“Never forget that Product Development is Marketing”

~ Richard G. Edwards, ecoism


Understanding travel and tourism means understanding WHO your clients are – and who they are not. We help our clients develop comprehensive profiles of their markets, so resources can be focused toward the best prospects. Not only do our clients more effectively connect with and convert new prospects, they also develop a deeper understanding of who their community is NOW.
Social Media – It is critical to understand basic measurement principles. We ensure that our clients think about SM and the communications planning process, which includes:

    • Benchmark research –social media can provide significant data for analysis, but this information is more useful when coupled with standard/primary research methods, like surveys and focus groups, which help our clients understand their community’s preferences and behaviors.
    • Objective setting – we help our clients identify and articulate what they are striving to achieve; the behavior they are attempting to impact; a rate of change and a period of time the behavior change may take.
    • Identifying metrics – at every stage of campaign development we help our clients identify the metrics and match them to the strategies and objectives.
    • Strategies and tactics – our clients’ focus is on their clients, and that is our focus, too. We work with our clients to ensure that marketing strategies and tactics align with business objectives. We remind our clients of our mantra: Does it sell travel?

Strategic Plan Development

We listen. We ask a lot of questions. We work directly with you to identify your strengths, goals, available resources, and your uniqueness – your Mojo. Then we create a customized road map that gets you on the path and shows how we will help you continue to make strides forward on your journey.

Online Marketing & Campaign Management

Your business needs are unique, and your online presence is critical. Our professional team has extensive experience developing high quality sites for businesses across the spectrum of ecotourism, adventure travel, sustainable destination, and socially responsible businesses. We provide PPC and SEO campaign design and management for tourism businesses of all sizes. We offer all the personalized services that the corporations and online channels offer to only their most valued clients.

Tour Operator, Lodge, & Supplier Consulting

We provide comprehensive strategic marketing consulting for tour operators, hotels, lodges and tourism suppliers with a variety of revenue levels, experience, and size. Our online marketing consulting and direct assistance helps you build and implement integrated marketing and product development plans for unique markets with distinct audiences, like adventure travel.

Destination Strategy, Planning, & Execution

ecoism produces relevant, results-oriented marketing planning and implementation services for destinations seeking expert guidance at the highest levels. We help you identify and target YOUR audience, not just pitch your destination to the entire consumer population. We provide hands-on assistance with organizational restructuring and capacity building to help you successfully implement marketing, product development, and destination stewardship plans.

Employee and Community Engagement

Working directly with your staff and stakeholders ecoism ensures your sustainability strategy is in harmony with your business, and we help your staff understand the value and the meaning of your responsibility initiatives. Your staff will understand their role in sharing and fulfilling the promises you make to your customers and community.

Public Relations & Social Media Services

Words matter. Period. We have a unique understanding of the nuances of the adventure travel and sustainable tourism markets. Our team includes experienced professionals who develop effective communications strategies – for B2C, B2B, and internal audiences. We guide you through the challenging terrain of sustainability communications, and we help you share compelling stories that engage your community. We make sure you tell your story with authenticity and passion, while avoiding potential pitfalls and steering clear of greenwashing. You will get the right message into the right hands, even shouting from mountaintops when necessary!

Partnership & Business Development

We develop partnerships and build coalitions based on shared values, and those partnerships leverage collective resources for the greater good. From helping NGOs partner with Fortune 100 corporations to B2B strategic co-branding, ecoism brings together businesses, associations, and organizations to create powerful coalitions for short-term campaigns and long-term co-beneficial relationships.